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I’m a fan of procedurally generated content – it always seems to come across as a more graceful solution than compressing the data after it has been instantiated.

… anyway, I found jTexGen while ago – it’s a very thorough looking library for procedural content generation. I found NeoTextureEdit and really liked the GUI but the license and engine seemed unsuitable.

I combined extended jTexGen then put it into NeoTextureEdit’s GUI – now there is this : http://code.google.com/p/yapct/

    As I understand it … a GPL derivative project may include LGPL code, provided that the result is a GPL project. At the same time, since the yapct code was part of the mTexGen lib (LGPL) I can continue to use itas LGPL code – the GPL from mTexEdit doesn’t “leak” across the whole mTexGen codebase


    Posted August 25, 2010 by grigoriipechorin in jme3, license, procedural, showcase, tools, weaving, yapct

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