Servelet, JSP, and JDBC Database in < 5mb (excluding the JDK)   Leave a comment

I think that I’ve gotten everything for 90% of what people mean when they say “Web Development” as 5mb of files when it’s installed. As far as I can tell, it “does” JSP compilation, “should” run servlets, and (uses SQLite  so that it) includes a “full” JDBC accessible SQL database.

(You’ll still need the JDK, which adds another 75mb download plus whatever it takes to install it … if you pre-compiled JSP files you might be able to get away without any JSP stuff)

It’s composed of:

  • winstone-lite servlet container
  • some jasper files from tomcat5.5
  • two jars from ant (these are the biggest things)
  • SQLite jar

My goal here was to make the installed footprint smaller than the latest Windows PHP Installer, with bonus points if it’s < 20% of the JDK size – a play on the


Posted November 9, 2010 by grigoriipechorin in weaving, web, winstone

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