(As good as … maybe better than) KoTOR Steam Cloud   Leave a comment

I bought KoTOR on Steam. I like KoTOR and didn’t want to deal with the CDs any more – the price tag was worth it for me. I also thought that the Steam Cloud feature was available for all game – I swear their marketing material said something like that somewhere.

Anyway … this can be done with DropBox (or whatever) to store your KoTOR saves. It should work with KoTOR2 and might work with Dragon Age, Jade Dynasty, and Mass Effect 1/2 – if I had those games I would check. You have to change the config file’s path to save so that it points to the DropBox folder

  1. Setup a DropBox folder for the saves
  2. [Optional] Copy “Steamsteamappscommonswkotorsaves” to backup your saves into it
  3. edit “Steamsteamappscommonswkotorswkotor.ini” and change “SAVES” to point to the saves folder you just copied / created
  4. profit

It’s not that big a deal unless you’re like me and like the idea that your saves aren’t going away when your hard drive dies


Posted December 9, 2010 by grigoriipechorin in Uncategorized

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